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Automatic Paper Cone Making Machine with Online Drier


  Salient Features

  • High performance machine with output up to 55 cones per minute @ 100% efficiency
  • For standard cone tapers such as 9 DEG 15′,5 DEG 57′, 4 DEG 20′ & 3 DEG 30′ etc
  • Unique Patented Gripper Winding system which ensures minimum process wastage with less power impact.
  • Finger Touch Paper Reel Loader
  • Easy Reel Shifter
  • Reel Tensioning Devices
  • Rapid setting and size changeover facility
  • Latest type glue applicator
  • Waste paper exhaust system
  • Online Printer for precise single or multicolour  Printing with great flexibility of standard designs as shown in the colour chart.
  • Drier can be heated with multiple source of energy such as coal or firewood or gas or steam or electric or thermic heating with automatic energy saving device.
  • Inner logo printer (Optional)



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