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Pulp Moulding Machine

egg tray machine, egg box machine, egg carton machine

SODALTECH manufactures various models and types of Machines, Equipment, Spare Parts needed mainly to manufacture Paper Pulp Moulded products generally made from Waste Boxes, Papers, Indian Pulp, Taiwan Pulp, Korean Pulp, Canada Pulp, China Pulp, Thailand Pulp, Indonesia Pulp, Southern Pulp etc, most of the Paper & Paper based Paper Waste can be recycled using SODALTECH Equipment. The production lines are simple to operate and maintain. It has high productivity, easy interchangeability of mould tooling, consumes less energy with less manufacturing cost, faster setting time etc, It can be upgraded to next higher level of production by adding less number of additional machines. Various models and ranges are available in Wet Moulding & Dry Moulding Process (Fine Moulding). The range of products that can be made are endless. Few examples are Egg Trays (30-cell) Egg Box/Carton (6-cell,10-cell, 12-cell, 6+6 – cell, 18 cell) Egg Carton of multi cavity sizes, Can Shell types, Apple Tray, Fruit Tray, Tomato Tray, Pear Tray, Orange Tray, Cup carriers used in fast food outlets (4 pack, 2 pack) Hospital and Medical Care products (like Bed Pan Sleeves, Male Urinal Bottle, Female Urinal Pots, Kidney Tray, Bowls) Nursery Pots, Seed Pots (Jiffy Pots), Industrial Packs (Packing Buffers) Electronic Products Packing Pads and Paper Trays, Tableware etc.

  Advantages of SODALTECH Paper Pulp Moulding Machines

  • Machines Sophisticated yet easy to operate
  • Rust protected solid steel construction
  • Fast interchanging of moulds with dryer linking option
  • User friendly control panel with low maintenance service system
  • Low cost of production due to less power, space and labour
  • Choice of end product colors
  • Water proof products by using additives
  • High and fast return on investment

Range of Moulding Machines popular in market


This is used mainly for entry level or sampling purposes. The Machine will have basic requirements like Forming Mould & Transfer Mould, Vaccum Pulp, Water Separator etc. This can be on Wet Moulding (Wet Molding) or Dry Moulding (Fine Moulding) process.

This model Machines are available to make Carboard Egg Trays, Carton Egg Trays, Disposable Pulp Tableware, Finery Pack, Fruit Tray, Cardboard Lids, Paper Based Packaging, Poultry Products, Trays, Quality Egg Trays, Quality Egg Boxes, Quality Table Wares, Thermoformed Fibre. The Basic Model Machines/Lines are available in following major ranges or as per the customer requirements.

1. Cure on Moulding Machine
2. Cure on Moulding Equipment
3. Direct Hot Press
4. Egg Carton Machine
5. Disposable Pulp Tableware Lines
6. Dry in Mold Technology
7. Dry Type Pulp Mould
8. Dry Type System Pulp Moulding
9. Finery Pack Line
10. Fruit Tray Line Machines for Paper Based Packaging
11. Pulp Moulding Production Lines for Industrial Packing
12. Tableware Machines
13. Tableware Equipments
14. Quality Egg Tray Making Plant
15. Quality Egg Box Making Machine
16. Advanced Pulp Moulding Technology
17. Oven Dry Manufacturing Process
18. Productive Packing Material
19. Male Urinal Bottle Machines
20. Dry Type Pulp Moulding Machine
21. Disposable Pulp Tableware Production Lines
22. Fine Pulp Molding System
23. Pulp Male Urine Bottle Moulding Machine
24. Pulp Tableware Line
25. Tool and Die set Manufacturing
26. Wet Type Pulp Moulding Machine

Latest Model Pulp Moulding Machine (Model EPR 5000/AERM – 110K)
Paper Pulp Moulding Production Line (Model EPR 3000)

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