Square Drum Plant [Selection Chart]

Objective To make Square or Rectangular drums using relevant mandrels and raw materials etc
Sizes of the products made Minimum Inner size – 300 x 300 mm
Maximum Inner size – 400 x 400mm
Minimum height : 300mm
Maximum height : 700mm
Minimum wall thickness : 2mm
Maximum wall thickness : 4mm
Output of the main winder Upto 2000 drums per day depending on the sizes and raw materials used

List of machines Used

Sodaltech Convolute type Automatic Body making machine – 01 No

Lid forming & Pasting machine with Hydraulic system and power pack with one standard size toolings – 1 No

Size Reduction machine with Hydraulic system and power pack with one standard size toolings – 01 No

Air Compressor 10 Hp Capacity with storage tank (Customer Scope)

Space Requirement Not less than 500 Sq.Mt (or) 5000 Sq.Feet
Godown Requirement 300 Sq. Mt (or) 3000 Sq.Feet depending on the plan
Power Connection 20 KW (Excluding Air Compressor and lighting etc)
Operator Main Machine – 1 No
Finishing machine – 4 Nos
Helpers as per the work plan at the site
Raw Material Used Kraft Paper of 250 GSM , Not less than 14 BF
Width : As per the drum sizes
Glue : Polymer based (or) Starch based glue as per the end product requirement
Principle of Operation You can visit the following link
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EGeFb4VBmltdFywW5WNU4LaaK1GdrrnS/view for main winder operation.
The drums are provided with plastic lid (or) paper lid
as per the requirement using the Semi Automatic Drum finishing machines.




The production capacity indicated above is only approximate and does not include any tool changing times or similar. The production efficiency and the output figures may vary in practical operation according to sizes of the products, operator efficiency, weather etc.